Wild Luxury

Wild Luxury

  3 days

985 € per person with transportation from Posio area
Participants: 2-8
Guidance: Finnish / English

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Stay for unforgettable two nights and three days in our luxury wilderness cabin at lake Kovajärvi. You’ll get to relax and enjoy the arctic nature in your own peace and quiet. A program includes an evening husky ride, winter activities on the spot, experience the traditional Finnish sauna and delicious meals prepared from local ingredients.

Right next to Riisitunturi fell hides a cabin inviting guests for a meditative stay. Located by the lake Kovajärvi, the cabin hosts comfortably up to 8 persons. For a two persons’ stay the cabin still feels cozy and warm, despite the extra space. Away from hectic cities, the cabin offers a truly calming stay in the middle of intact nature. You may spot a wild fox running on the lake ice or a willow ptarmigan diving into its nest in the snow, but other people remain far. The stay will leave you with a true connection to the nature. It offers you authentic experiences away from mobile phone service.

The cabin is withour running water, and the drinking water will be carried from the clear and clean Kovajärvi lake. Candles, campfire and lanterns create a soothing ambience to the cabin. The three-days stay will be filled with ice fishing, preparing the catch for dinner and wondering around the area with snowshoes.

On the second day of the trip we will harness the dog sled and take off for a 20-kilometer trip to the Riisitunturi national park. Your own sled will take you deep into the snow-filled scenery, to the crown snow-loaded Siberian spruces. If the night is clear and calm, you get to see aurora borealis, the northern lights. The inviting, warm sauna and dinner will be waiting for you in the cabin after the trip.


Day 1
We’ll arrive to Kovajärvi cabin, 20km from Posio town center and settle in the cozy cabin. Our guide will give instructions how to operate in a wilderness cabin without running water in the wintertime. You’ll learn how to maintain a fire in in a wood stove, how to get water from the frozen lake, and all the other necessary know-how. We’ll enjoy a nice traditional lunch at the cabin, followed by a small trip at the lake by snowshoes. In the evening we’ll have a cozy Lappish dinner in candlelight, and sauna will be prepared for use. The most daring ones can also take a relaxing ”swim” in the fresh snow.

Day 2
On the second day after a good night sleep in the sleeping bags, the breakfast and lunch are prepared independently from the ready-made meal kits. You can spend the morning by exploring the surroundings with snowshoes or cross-country skis. In the evening our guides will arrive with huskies and we’ll get to know the dogs. We’ll start our adventure with huskies from the lake and head to snowy and silent trails inside the national park. If we are lucky, we drive back to the cabin under the colorful northern lights. After a 20km ride we’ll get back to the cabin where a delicious dinner will be served. You will also find inviting warm sauna ready for you.

Day 3
On the last day at the cabin, a breakfast will be prepared independently. We’ll get to know ice fishing with our guide and before we leave a nice lunch is served. If we have caught fish, a tasty lunch will be prepared from the catch. After the lunch we pack our gear and head back to civilization.

  • Two nights’ accommodation in wild luxury cabin
  • Northern lights husky ride
  • Two dinners prepared by guide
  • Ready-to-cook meal kits for breakfast and lunch
  • Independent wilderness activities in the surroundings (short introduction to activities included)
  • Half-day guiding for activities at the cabin.

    Please note
    Warm clothing and good winter shoes are required, but we have warm clothing for you also if you want. All you need is your personal gear.